Flags For Heroes Award


                         What is the Flags for Heroes Award?

It's Impossible for us to Award every American Hero that serves our great nation, although we wish we could. This Award will be presented monthly to 1 Great American Hero. The award is designed to honor any Active Duty or Retired United States Military Personnel, Police Officer, State Police Officer. Deputy Sheriff, State Law Enforcement Officer, Federal Law Enforcement Officer and Firefighters active duty or retired.  Flags Forever will award one of our Beautiful Handcrafted Flags to a Hero that has submitted their story or has been nominated by a Friend, Family Member or Colleague by Completing This Nomination Form.

                          Here's How How the Award Process Works

   Submissions Should Contain The Following:

1.The Nominees Name, Branch of Service, and Number of Years of Service

2. A description of why you are nominating this Hero, or if this is self submission, please tell us a little about your service, and share with us anything you feel will be relevant to your nomination. 

3. Please include any photos that you feel will help describe your nomination, a photo of the nominee in uniform would be an example of the types of photos that you could include. 

How Flags Forever will Determine the Recipient:

The Staff at Flags Forever will conduct the first round of reviews of the submissions. We will carefully read each submission and pick the top five submissions for the month. Due to the anticipated volume of submissions the submission process will reset each month. If your Nomination was not chosen in a particular month, you will need to submit each month to be considered for the current Award. 

Once the five final nominations are selected, Flags Forever will create a Blog Article Published on the Let Freedom Ring Blog Section of our site and subsequently we will post each submission to the Flags Forever Facebook Page

Each Nominee's article/story will be given equal time and exposure on the Facebook Page. The Nominee will be chosen by our Facebook community using the number of post likes as the determining factor of the award. 

Flags Forever will then tally the post likes at 11:00 PM  Eastern Time on the last day of each month. The Nominee with the total most like, loves, reactions etc will be selected for the award. The winner will have their choice of a  Large 37.5 x 19 Inch Wood Flag in either Traditional 50 Star, Thin Blue Line, Thin Red Line or Thin Green Line. 

Now The Rules!

1.All submissions for any given month must be received no later that the 20th of the prior month. So if you are entering a nomination for May, your nomination must be received prior to midnight Eastern Time on April 20th. Any Submissions after this time unfortunately cannot be consider for the May Award, but will be automatically entered for the June award. 

2. All submission become the property of Flags Forever, the Nominee and the Nominator both agree that Flags Forever can use the submission to create both a Blog Article and post the article to Facebook to be used for the purposes of evaluating the submission and allow the submissions to be voted on by the general public. 

3. Flags Forever at its sole discretion can cancel or change either the entire Awards Program or the rules of the Awards Program at any time. 

4 The Awarded Flag will be shipped to the recipient within 30 days of Award via US Postal Service. The recipient will receive an email notification of the shipment including a tracking number for the shipment. 

5. All Awards are final once the recipient has been notified and provided a valid shipping address. If the recipient cannot be contacted or does not provide a valid address within 30 days the award will become null and void.  

6. The recipient will have their choice of a Flags Forever Large 37"x 19.5":

  • 50 Star Traditional American Flag
  • 50 Star Thin Blue Line Flag
  • 50 Star Thin Red Line Flag
  • 50 Star Thin Green Line Flag