About flags forever

Our family is everything to us, we laugh together, cry together, love together and pray together. As Jen and I have watched our children grow and become teenagers we have always tried to help guide them to follow a strong moral and spiritual compass.

The world has changed quite a bit over the last 2 decades, people seem to spend most of their time on cell phones and in front of computers, and our family was no different. One weekend in early 2018 we decided it would be fun to spend the day building something together instead of staring at cellphones.

After some thought we decided we wanted to try and build a flag for our patio area, we are very patriotic and love our country. We all had so much fun cutting and staining and building our flag, it was a magical experience and I would encourage anyone who reads this to try building something with your family!

Well after we made our first flag, which came out much better than I expected we hung it on our patio as planned. We received so many compliments, and friends and neighbors would ask where we purchased our flag, we decided it would be fun to make a few more.

We posted them for sale locally, and to our amazement they would sell as fast as we could make them. We decided to invest in some professional equipment, a website and set up shop on Etsy, and now we are all involved in our Flag business and loving every minute of it! We hope you will consider purchasing one of our flags, and hope that it will bring you years of enjoyment!