Why Do We Honor The American Flag?

The American flag is rooted deep into the history of the country and stands as a proud witness to its struggles and evolution. The ‘star-spangled banner’ is a celebration of America as a nation that endured endless hardships but did not give up on its dream of freedom. From its red and blue colors to its white stars and stripes, every detail of the American flag narrates a story. But a common question that often comes up is ‘Why must one honor the American flag?’ 

It Talks About American History and Struggle

‘Old glory, stars and stripes’, the American flag has been an integral part of the country’s rich history. The flag has come a long way since its origin over 200 years ago and is a representative of America’s revolutionary war of independence, courage, and nationalism. 

It Inspired the National Anthem

Did you know that it was the American flag that inspired poet Francis Scott Key to write the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’, which was later adapted as the national anthem in 1931? He observed the events of the 1812 war from a distance and was captivated to see the flag waving in all its glory when the Britishers left. This is when he composed “And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave, O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”

It’s a Symbol of Freedom and Justice

The flag is symbolic of the terms ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’ that have multifold meanings. On one level, it recounts the tales of the war and bloodshed that led to America’s freedom. On the other, it stands for ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘celebration of individuality’ for a person of any race, religion, or nationality.

It Represents Unity in Diversity

America has been home to people of different ethnicities and nationalities for ages. People come here in search of freedom and better opportunities and end up sharing a common bond with fellow countrymen. The flag thus becomes a testament to the American spirit which showcases that despite our differences, we are all ‘proud Americans’.

It Promotes Respect for Armed Services

The national flag is an instant reminder of patriotism, liberty, and unity. It inspires hope that “justice be a reality for all of God’s children.” It also ensures that we remember to honor the services of our soldiers who lay their lives in the line of duty, so that their fellow countrymen can call themselves ‘free.’

Final Thoughts

Unlike the controversies surrounding the American flag, respecting it doesn’t mean honoring the president or the elected government. Instead, it stands for the ultimate sacrifice of our ancestors, our united fight for justice, and as an example of perseverance for our future generations. 

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