Tips to Teach Your Children Patriotism

Today’s children are the future of the country. To establish an intelligent, thoughtful, and involved community of United States citizens, parents must teach their child or children the importance of citizenship and patriotism. This means that you teach them the freedoms and laws that govern this land and show pride and respect in the country. You should also teach them how to make contributions to the community. 

If you are ready to teach your child about patriotism, some of the tips found below will help. 

Discuss Your Freedoms

Take time to talk to your child about the freedoms, protections, and laws the people of the United States have. Discuss the most important freedoms to you and which ones they value. This may be things like playing video games, wearing the clothing they like, or talking to their friends. 

You should also discuss why the freedoms in this country are so special. When you discuss freedoms in a way they can understand, your child will begin to see how the country is organized and the way it runs. They will also connect this to what they do in their daily lives. Taking this approach makes patriotism and the government feel more tangible than an abstract idea that doesn’t really impact their lives. 

Lead by Example

Take time to read books, educational magazines, and newspapers about citizenship, patriotism, and politics. Make sure you take time to discuss these topics with your children. You should also find ways to make the conversations fun. It is easy to be negative in some situations but try to keep things as positive as possible. Remember, the goal is to encourage pride and patriotism. Take steps to relate the subjects to your child’s daily life. This will help them see the positive and happy things they have and then relate these things to the bigger world around them. 

You should ensure that your child sees you reading and researching information about the community, government, and nation. This will set a good example and establish a standard for them to live up to as they get older. 

Keep Magazines Like TIME on Hand

While your kids may not be at the age where they are reading them yet, or may not understand what they are reading, it is still a good idea to have these types of educational materials around your house. This will make sure they have the chance to flip through them when they want to. You can also work to make a routine out of reading these things when your children are nearby. As mentioned above, leading by example is highly effective for kids. 

Teaching Your Child Patriotism  

Parents need to remember that if they want their children to have pride in the country and feel patriotic, they have to teach them how. The tips and information above provide a great starting point. Keep this information in mind to help your child learn and grow to love the country where they live.

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Shammy Peterson

Shammy Peterson

I do agree that it is best to teach children to have pride in the country and be patriotic in order for them to grow their love for the country. This is something that made me consider finding campaign finance reforms that I can support through the means of donations. I could imagine how I could show my 9-year old son the way I donate to important organizations within the week.

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