The Flags Forever Flag Building Process Part 1

Many people have asked us, how do you build your flags? Is it easy? How long does it take? What materials do you use? and many other great questions! So today I've decided to show the basic process that we use to build our flags. 

It all starts with selecting materials, we have several sources for lumber in Central Florida, we've found that not all wood is created equal, and depending on the time of the month or year, each supplier has different types and qualities of wood. 


The most important aspects of the wood we choose are 1. Is it straight, and 2 what does the grain pattern look like, is it knotty or does it have  good consistent grain lines. Once we've selected our lumber we go through it piece by piece and usually will purchase 200-250 1x2x10 strips at a time. In most cases our supplier will deliver the wood to our Orlando FLorida shop the same day. 

So no we have our wood, so whats next? Well based on orders and trends we decide which flags will be made for the week, one of the big differences between us and our competition is that we make our flags before they're purchased, this way we can ship them out immediately and you our amazing customers don't have to wait to long to get your new flag! 

Typically we will make several different size flags in any given week, but for the sake of this article, I'll focus on our standard 38"x19.5" flag which is our most popular seller. 

We start by cutting our 1x2s to size so for however many flags we're making that week, we need 13 strips of wood to account for the 13 stripes on each flag. Once we have cut our wood to size,  each piece is carefully sanded and then we then start the torching process. Each piece of wood is hand torched to enhance the grain and give it a bit of a rustic weathered look. Depending on the type of flag we are making, we adjust the amount of the burn to be darker or lighter. 

Once we have our various batches of wood torched, it's now time to hand stain each piece the appropriate color. We typically separate out our wood by flag type at this point, for example our Thin Blue Line Flags sell quick and require a different stain type and color than our Traditional 50 Star American Flags. 

The staining process can take a bit of time, we make sure each piece has the correct amount of stain, then had wipe the pieces so that the natural wood grain and the burn show through. 

Hand Stain On Thin Blue Line American Flag

What's next you ask, at this point we let the stain dry for 24 hours to make sure it has properly penetrated the wood so that we can begin the assembly process. As I'm sure your busy, I will leave it at that for today! Stay tuned as I will be documenting the next steps in the process including how we carve our flags in a future article. For now, thank you for your interest in our products, we hope that you'll take a look at all of our creations in our online store. 

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