Rules For Honoring Our American Flag

The American Flag symbolizes the United States, standing for our country and all those who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms. This symbol is an integral part of what it means to be an American, a citizen of the greatest country on earth. 

Many Americans love the symbolism of our flag and choose to use it and its likeness in patriotic themes for home decor. While a myriad of combinations of red, white, and blue, and stars and stripes can be utilized to reflect the imagery of the American Flag, strict rules govern the use of a flag itself. 

When incorporating an American Flag itself into your decor or other uses, it’s a good idea to know how to respect our country’s most honored symbol. 

Covering & Draping 

The American Flag cannot be used as a covering except for a casket. Flags should never be draped over furniture or other objects in decor. This rule originates from the fact that a flag should not touch anything that is beneath it. To work around this rule, use items that depict the flag, such as throws or blankets that incorporate the flag into their design to achieve a patriotic feel without using an American Flag itself in this manner. 

Keep Flag Free From Markings

When displayed, the American Flag should be free from markings, stains, and tears. It is never acceptable to write, draw, or otherwise deface the flag with words or designs. However, you can add gold fringe to the edges of the American Flag if you wish, just as long as nothing is placed on its body. 

If you want to incorporate an American Flag look into an artistic piece for your home, consider a wooden American Flag to hang on your wall or decorate with a stars and stripes theme without using an actual flag in your design. If you choose to place an American Flag on a pole or otherwise hang it in your home, never draw the flag into folds; it should always be allowed to hang freely. 

Alternative Red, White, & Blue Decorations

If you want to use the flag’s colors and symbols in your home decor without using an actual American Flag, you have many products that offer a patriotic alternative. Consider decorating with red, white, and blue bunting, which provides a celebratory feel, or using stars and stripes in draperies and pillow coverings for a homeplace, country vibe. 

The American Flag represents our country and our freedoms; enjoy using patriotic themes in home decor to honor all that our flag stands for. 


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