Made In America, Why Your Purchases Matter

Let freedom ring! This is our belief, and it extends beyond our country’s borders, especially when entrepreneurial spirits strive to build their businesses and take control of their lives. While we support small, locally owned businesses wherever they may be, we want to take a closer look at the benefits of buying made in America products. 

It wasn’t long ago that consumers considered American-made products the highest in quality and viewed their purchases as a patriotic duty. However, today, the marketplace is so flooded with imported items that finding products made in America is difficult, if not impossible. Even the produce at your favorite grocery store is most likely imported, while farms are growing the same products right here on American soil.

Let’s look at five ways buying American-made products makes a positive impact. 

Made In America Means Quality

Consumers have fallen victim to the low-price, low-quality scam of big box stores that purchase products made overseas. Unfortunately, most of the time, these low prices equates to the sub-standard materials and poor manufacturing practices of products made overseas that have half the life of those made in America.

In contrast, products made in the USA may cost slightly more than those from foreign lands, but their quality is superior. Better quality means longer life of the product, which means you ultimately get more for your money. 

Manufacturing Jobs That Are Outsourced Rarely Return

Outsourced jobs rarely return to the American market. A simple issue of economics is that once companies produce products with cheap labor and materials overseas, they consider their bottom line and keep production. This phenomenon creates a problem for American workers who seek access to better jobs. 

Keep Americans At Work

The ability to work affords Americans the ability to create better lives for themselves and their families. Our economic culture currently values cheap labor, moving hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas annually. These jobs could help stimulate the U.S. economy and guarantee jobs for thousands of people here in our country. Buying products made in American helps to secure employment for American workers. 

Buying Made In America Helps Our Environment

Not only are American technologies and manufacturers cleaner and held to strict environmental standards, but buying American-made products reduces energy consumption. Products made overseas take excessive amounts of energy to produce and ship, not to mention may be manufactured in less environmentally conscious factories.

Increased Labor Regulation Standards

As discussed, American manufacturing facilities and plants are held to higher standards of production and labor regulations. These regulations exist to protect workers and ensure quality standards. Often, foreign facilities place workers’ lives in dangerous conditions by not enforcing quality and safety regulations and standards and creating abhorrent working environments. 

Final Thoughts

Buying American-made products is more than a patriotic act; it is essential to protecting jobs and promoting American excellence in craftsmanship and innovation. 


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