Let’s Bring Back The American Spirit In 2021

The past year has shown us many things about our country. From the moment we shut our schools and closed our businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic, we Americans have found ourselves under attack from an invisible enemy. A year of avoiding one another out of fear of disease has led many to feel a sense of disunity and disarray that our country has rarely felt.

In a way, the pandemic has provided our country with a unique opportunity to remind one another of our American pride and power. Much like September 11th, 2001 and other historic tragedies, this year has given us pause and brought us together like nothing else has before 

Because isn’t that the American spirit? Rather than divide and destroy ourselves, we Americans find our power and pride in coming together united to overcome any obstacle put in front of us.

There is no other emblem that symbolizes that unity more than the American Flag. A flag that has proudly flown over battlefields in foreign lands and our own front yards, this symbol of hope and freedom shines a light of potential in any circumstances.

Stopping to look at the American flag leads us to reflect on our incredible heritage of freedom, hope, and opportunity. Yet, how easily we forget the power of that patriotism when the news media and struggles of the day try to pull us away from one another!

But never forget that wherever freedom comes - whether through liberation from oppressive rule or above a hospital where lives are being saved daily - you will find Old Glory flying proudly.

What if this year became the one where we reclaim our American spirit? What if we recaptured the fire of freedom that has led the way for the rest of the world to discover the power of the human spirit? Perhaps we can, and it all starts with raising the American Flag high once more over this new year.

At Flags Forever, we are doing our part to help our fellow patriots celebrate the American spirit in creative ways for a new generation. We are proud to offer American-made products that feature the American Flag and other patriotic artwork. These handmade products have been designed to help bring the hope of freedom to any home or business, helping you remind you and your family every day of the power of the American spirit, and the hope that tomorrow brings for those who know the price of freedom.

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