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Flags For Heroes Award

Hello Flags Forever Customers, Friends and Followers! Cara Dale here to tell you about our new Flags For Heroes Monthly Award! It's no secret that Flags Forever loves all of our American Heroes, we're amazed every single day by stories of bravery and sacrifice, triumph and tragedy. Our Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Military Members and First Responders all deserve a HUGE debt of gratitude from all of us! 

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On a daily basis we receive incredible emails from Heroes all over the country asking about our products, asking if we can make certain styles and types of flags based on their particular service. We also donate our products to events and giveaways to raise money for various charities. Recently we received an email from an incredible US Army Veteran. The story of his 47 year history of service and sacrifice, the history of his families service, and his love for our great nation touched our staff very deeply. Deeply enough that we decided to work through the weekend to create this incredibly brave and deserving veteran a special flag at absolutely no cost, and ship it to him, so as he said " I can display it over my fireplace between two etched stones" One stone commemorating his father that was KIA in WWII and a stone that was made for him commemorating his 47 years of service. We will be doing a featured story on this incredible service member in an upcoming post. 

US Service Member Salutes the American Flag

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This and many other stories have inspired us to create the monthly Flags for Heroes Award! Each month we will be giving away one our beautiful handcrafted flags to a hero that has been nominated and their stories reviewed and voted on by you! The general public will be able to nominate someone or self nominate for this award. It's open to all Current and Retired Military Members, Police Officers, Federal Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders. Click Here for Award Details and Rules. 

Once we receive the nominations the Top 5 will be chosen by our staff and posted on our Blog and Facebook Page. These incredible stories will then be reviewed by the Facebook Community and the story with the most likes will win the award. Simple right? We are ready to roll, are you? Please submit your nominations on our Flags For Heroes Page where you will find the nomination form, and all information and rules pertaining to this award. We are so excited to read and share these incredible and inspiring stories. 

Your Friend, 

Cara Dale

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