Flags Fly In Different Ways

We’re used to thinking about a proud flag waving on a flagpole, in a backyard, or from a porch, or in front of a business or government office.


But what about all of those other representations of Old Glory that we use to show our allegiance each day?


The reality is that different flags show up in our lives in different ways. Our catalog reflects that, with some interesting patriotic items that bring the red, white and blue to different aspects of your life. (Also, don’t forget to check out our catalog of top patriotic country music hits, as mentioned on the blog!)


Wooden Flags


Our made in the USA wooden flags are attention getters. They’re also not subject to some of the very specific flag handling rules that apply to a flag that you fly on a pole.


We do have certain care suggestions for these larger patriotic installations. But they can be an effective way to really show your true colors to the world in a way that takes less maintenance over time. And when you’re walking up to a front porch, or relaxing in the backyard, you’re not likely to miss them!


Stickers and Decals


There's nothing wrong with having a flag represented on your vehicle or elsewhere, as a sticker or decal.


If you think about it, it's similar to the flag images that military veterans and others wear on clothes, or with military metals and other accessories. 


These flags might not fly in the traditional way, but they still show the world how you feel about the country that you live in.


Color Coordination


Other items aren't flags, per se, but they still represent that symbolic connection with the bold colors of the American flag. You don't just see red, white and blue on July 4 - you see it all year as people showcase their connectedness to their shared community and sense of national duty.


For a clearinghouse of patriotic regalia, come to Flags Forever. For more on shipping, etc. and more info about our Winter Garden, FL location, check  out our faqs on the site. You can also browse categories with a single click of the mouse – or write us a line to talk about how you celebrate your patriotism and what kinds of products you’re looking for. We aim to be among the best in this line of work – and it’s a rewarding one!




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