Countdown: The Top 10 Most Patriotic Movies of All Time


Greeting Flags Forever Customers, Friends and Followers! Cara Dale here to bring you yet another top 10 countdown! After our wildly successful Top 10 Most Patriotic Country Songs Article I've decided to search for the Top 10 most patriotic movies of all time in keeping with our patriotic theme!  I searched high and low, old and new, blockbusters and flops, trying to find movies that best represented the patriotic values of our beautiful country. When I first started my research, I thought " This shouldn't be that hard, how many great patriotic movies could there be?" Well little did I know that the list was much more extensive than I thought. So come with me on this exciting cinematic journey as we look at the 10 Most Patriotic Movies of All Time! 

10. Stripes: June 26th 1981

Released June 26th 1981, Stripes starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and John Candy as the loveable Dewy Oxburger more affectionately called Ox. Thanks to a run of bad luck and go-nowhere jobs, John (Bill Murray)  convinces Russell (Harold Ramis) to join the army so they can get in shape, likening it to a health spa. Once in boot camp, wiseguy John tangles with his by-the-book Sgt. and becomes the unofficial leader for his platoon, made up mostly of other misfits and assorted losers. After somehow making it through graduation, they are given a special assignment but, thanks to John's romantic interest in a pretty MPO, the other men wind up behind the Iron Curtain until John, Russell, their dates and Sgt. Hulka make a daring rescue attempt in explosive style.


9. Air Force: One July 25th 1997

The President of the USA goes to Moscow and gives a stirring speech outlining the USA's new "Zero-tolerance" policy with respect to terrorism. On the flight home, terrorists take over Air Force One (the President's official plane) and take the passengers (including his wife and daughter) hostage. The terrorists plan to execute one hostage every half-hour unless/until their demands are met. However, the President is a former Medal of Honor winner, so the terrorists may be in for a surprise... Afterburner <>


8. Patton: April 2nd 1970

The story of General George S. Patton, Jr. during World War II. His battlefield genius garners him fear and respect from the Germans, and resentment and misunderstanding from the Allies. A military historian and poet, he believes he was a warrior in many past lives, and that he is destined for something great during this life, but his stubbornness and controversial methods nearly prevent the fulfillment of that destiny.Jeff Hansen <>


7. The American President: November 17th 1995

Aaron Sorkin scripted this West Wing romance that celebrates the nobility of the American Experiment while constantly testing the integrity of its participants. After bookish President Andrew Shepherd's enemies target his environmental-lobbyist girlfriend, POTUS takes to the podium, laying out the rules and stakes of modern American democracy: "America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, 'cause it's gonna put up a fight," he thunders, while defending the honor of the two ladies he adores most: his love and liberty. —Nicole Sperling

6. Rocky IV:  November 27th 1985

The "Iron Curtain" is starting to come down around the Soviet Union under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev. A Soviet boxer named Ivan Drago, nicknamed "The Siberian Express", comes to the United States with his wife, a Russian champion swimmer and coach for a guest match. Drago is a superbly conditioned boxer who has been scientifically trained in the USSR, and he & his coach propose a fight against Rocky Balboa. Rocky's former adversary, Apollo Creed decides to take on Drago despite having been out of the ring for several years. Creed unwisely taunts Drago before the match, and after the first round, Drago issues a prophetic warning to Creed: "You will lose." Unfortunately the warning comes true and Creed dies following a pounding by the Siberian Express. When death threats are made against the Russian boxer, he returns to the USSR and states if there is to be a match between Balboa & Drago, it will be in the USSR. To honor Creed's memory, Rocky takes the Soviets up on their challenge and goes to Siberia to train for the match against the "Siberian Express", that will take place in Moscow on Christmas Day, in front of a hostile audience.Derek O'Cain



5. Miracle:  February 6th 2004

The inspiring story of the team that transcended its sport and united a nation with a new feeling of hope. Based on the true story of one of the greatest moments in sports history, the tale captures a time and place where differences could be settled by games and a cold war could be put on ice. In 1980, the United States Ice Hockey team's coach, Herb Brooks, took a ragtag squad of college kids up against the legendary juggernaut from the Soviet Union at the Olympic Games. Despite the long odds, Team USA carried the pride of a nation yearning from a distraction from world events. With the world watching the team rose to the occasion, prompting broadcaster Al Michaels' now famous question, to the millions viewing at home: Do you believe in miracles? Yes!



4. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington:  October 19th 1939

Jeffrey Smith is a man who believes children are the future and deserve immediate funding for an outdoor camping experience. When Jeff, the idealistic Washington outsider, is appointed to be the new United States Senate, his plans now stand the chance at being fully realized. However, Jeff is appointed with the belief by others that his naïve and gullible nature will be easy to manipulate to get what they want. He soon realizes, after getting blind-sided by high-ranking officials, that he will need to - literally - stand by himself in an inspired fight against corruption and greed.Kyle Perez

3. Top Gun:  May 16th 1986

Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is an expert United States Naval Aviator. When he encounters a pair of MiGs over the Persian Gulf, his wingman is clearly outflown and freaks. On almost no fuel, Maverick is able to talk him back down to the carrier. When his wingman turns in his wings, Maverick is moved up in the standings and sent to the Top Gun Naval Flying School. There he fights the attitudes of the other pilots and an old story of his father's death in combat that killed others due to his father's error. Maverick struggles to be the best pilot, stepping on the toes of his other students.John Vogel <>


2. Captain America:  The First Avenger July 22nd 2011

During WWII, Steve Rogers constantly tries to enlist himself into the Army with the intention of protecting mankind. After being denied in several cities, Rogers is finally enlisted through service for a special military division dubbed the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Proving his worth, Rogers is selected by kindly Dr Abraham Erskine to take part in his Super Soldier experiments. Transformed, Rogers is super strong and fast and is dubbed as Captain America. After a brief career in propaganda and saving his best friend, Rogers begins to take the fight to the evil forces of the Nazi organization HYDRA and its dictatorial leader Red Skull, who seeks a source of dangerous power to help him destroy the world.Blazer346

1. Saving Private Ryan:  July 24th 1998

Following the Allied invasion of Normandy, two brothers lay dead in the wake of the onslaught. Meanwhile, in New Guinea, a third brother has been killed fighting the Japanese. After the Army General Staff learns that a fourth brother is missing in the French countryside, a rescue mission is ordered to find the young soldier and return him safely home. The mission is mounted by a veteran Ranger Captain commanding a squad of men who have mixed feelings about risking their lives to "Save Private Ryan".

Wow! What an amazing journey, what patriotism, some truly incredible, uplifting cinema that has shaped the fabric of how we love our country, our heroes and all who defend our freedom! I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the most Patriotic Movies of All Time! While your feeling a little patriotic why not check out our online store , it's loaded with some incredible patriotic handmade flags, signs and more!  

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Cara Dale 

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