American Made Matters 18" Round Wooden Sign

We live in a global economy, where products and services can be outsourced from different parts of the world. This is the time to shift back to buying American-made products. The influx of foreign goods does not guarantee better items or materials. American-made is still the optimal choice for the following reasons:

  1. Ensures Job Opportunities - When we buy American-made products, it creates a chain of income and job opportunities for our fellow citizens. Buying and selling generate an economic chain of income and job possibilities that goes beyond the U.S.-made product sold. This benefits one person, a family, and a whole community, thus ensuring job opportunities for all.


  1. Encourages U.S. Independence and Reliance - Independence and self-reliance are characteristics that make us distinct from the rest as a nation. These are part of our being and a source of pride as Americans. When we rely too much on imported goods and services, we become dependent on other nations, thus, acting counter to our national pride and being. It is our calling to end dependence on exports and promote independence through patronizing our products and services.


  1. For Safer Environment and Humanitarian Cause - We might think that buying imported goods is better in promoting the global economy. Think again! Our government and environmental organizations do not control or extend help to the environmental conservation of other countries. The same thing applies to labor practices and laws. Buying American-made products ensures that we keep our environment safe, as well as applying good labor laws and practices. When we stop purchasing products that are cheaper because they do not adhere to environmental preservation, and they are cheaper because of bad labor practices, then we are not helping other countries or their citizens at all.


  1. Better Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed - We know our customers better than anyone else because we are also them. Who better to make the best quality products and guarantee customer satisfaction than us, knowing what we look for in each product or service?  It is also easier and faster to adjust and meet the expectations of customers.


  1. Increase American Investment and Boost the Economy - When we buy American-made products, we increase localized investment, thus, boosting our economy. The continuous patronage of U.S.-made goods and services creates a chain into the economy of the community, state, and nation as a whole. This alone is reason enough to keep buying local.


Buying American-made products, such as handmade wooden flags from Flags Forever®, is beneficial to the economy, communities, and our state of consciousness as a nation. We must take pride in our independence and our role as Americans.

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