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Hello! Welcome to Flags Forever, your online destination for Handcrafted Wood Flags, Patriotic Decor, Military Items, and much more. Today I'm writing about all of the cool and surprising places that you will find the American Flag! 

Let me start by saying without a doubt, the beautiful and majestic American Flag is an iconic unmistakable sight no matter where it's viewed. You can see Old Glory hanging in classrooms across the nation, court houses, hotels and just about every other location where people gather. 

Let's face it, the Flag is truly part of our everyday life! But for some reason no matter how many times I've seen our beautiful flag, now matter where I am, it still sparks feelings of pride and honor. So let's dive in, here are some Amazing Places you can see the American Flag in all of it's glory! 


Submerged In a Freshwater Lake:

A local diver Christian Baki took this photo while exploring a fresh water Dutch Spring in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Believe it or not it was still attached to a submerged helicopter that had crashed years earlier. 

On The Side of a House:

Did I say on the side of a house? I meant to say, an entire house! This home in Maine has been painted to represent the American Flag, it took 14 days and 34 gallons of paint to make this colossal American Flag. No need to hoist the flag up the flagpole for this family anymore. 

On a Pizza:

In our quest to find all of the most amazing places to see the American Flag, this one was the tastiest! This pan Pizza is not only patriotic, but also delicious. We came across this flag at a local July 4th celebration in southern New Jersey, needless to say it was a huge hit at this party! Made with fresh dough, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes its comes in at 440 calories per slice. 

At Hoover Dam:

Wow! Here at Hover Dam, you will find the largest American Flag in the country, a 505 foot by 255 foot American flag was flown from the downstream face of Hoover Dam. The flag itself weighed 3,000 pounds, and was hoisted by 3 separate cables located at the top of the dam.The flag was flown in honor of the 1996 Olympic Games. 

On The Moon:

Moon Landing, American Flag On the Moon

Okay, so we will close out this post with a Flag that is out of this world! Did you know that there are actually six American Flags on the moon? Yep thats correct, each one was left by an apollo mission. These flags are still flying high above us and representing the honor, courage and glory of our great nation! We hope you enjoyed this post, I definitely enjoyed researching and writing it! Please leave a comment and post pics of some cool places you've seen the American Flag. 

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