American Flag Flying at Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida

Good Day Flags Forever guests, customers and friends! It's no secret that our flag shop is located only just a few miles away from one of the most amazing places in the world! Most nights when we're finishing up a long day of flag related business, we can see and hear the amazing fireworks displays that emanate from Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Even after seeing these incredible displays of sparks, flashes, bangs and booms night after night, we're still awestruck over and over again. So.... this got me thinking about all of the time our family has spent at these amazing theme parks, and how many places our beloved Stars and Stripes are displayed in the "Happiest Place On Earth". So... let me take you on a little journey in and around Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida to check out the Top 7 locations where you can see Old Glory!

1. Disney Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror Flag Podium

American Flags Flying at Tower of Terror

As you approach Tower of Terror, hopefully the wait time is short and you're ready for the thrill of a lifetime. you can see the Florida State Flag, The Hollywood Studios Flag and of course the Majestic American Flag flying high above the crowded streets of Hollywood Studios below. 

2. Old Glory Soaring High At The Entrance to Epcot

Wow, what a site! Our glorious flag gently swaying back and forth in the warm gentle Florida breeze. At the time of the creation of this article, the entrance to Epcot is undergoing major renovations that are slated to be completed in mid 2020.

3. Majestically Guarding All Who Pass Through The Gates Of Animal Kingdom

American Flag Proudly Displayed at The Entrance to Disney's Animal Kimgdom

Are you ready for an adventure around the globe, are you ready to see beautiful creatures both large and small from all corners of the world? How about taking a ride down an African river full of white water rapids, or better yet an exhilarating expedition to Mount Everest? Who wouldn't be?? But before you do, make sure to take notice of the amazing American Flag keeping watch over all who enter this awesome place. 

4. I'm walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA! 

American Flags on Main Street USA at Disney World In Orlando Florida

Count em, six, I can see six flags standing at the entrance of Magic Kingdom from the Walt Disney Railroad Platform. Patriotism runs strong on Main St. Here is a little known fact... The American Flag in the foreground is a true 50 Star official flag, but  the other flags that fly high over the shops and restaurants only have 48 stars..Why you ask?? It's because according to US Flag Code, official American Flags that are flown in public places should adhere to many guidelines. So in order to not violate flag code, Disney puts 48 stars on the flags that are not easily accessible. 

5. Standing at Attention, We Proudly Salute the Men and Women of our Military at Shades of Green

American Flags at DIsney's Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, FL

Did you know that there was an incredible resort at DIsney World that is exclusively for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces? That's correct, Shades of Green is dedicated to our Military Service Members and provides affordable family vacations at a world class resort! And of course you will find an abundance of American Flags! 

6. An Entire Fairytale Castle that Turns Into a Giant American Flag Every Night! 

Cinderella's Castle as and American Flag  at Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

There are no words... But I'm sure I can find a few.. The Flags Forever team has seen this amazing show many times, and it never gets old, in fact the entire Cinderella's Castle Spectacular is a must see for anyone who loves Disney. 

Well it seems that we are almost at our last magical flag display, but it's my favorite! 

7. The Famous Corridor of Flags at Disney's American Adventure in Epcot

Corridor of Flags at Disney's American Adventure in Epcot, Orlando Florida 2020

Flags, Flags and more Flags! The American Adventure is a must see for any patriot that visits Walt Disney World. Located in the American Adventure pavilion is the World Famous Corridor of Flags. Here you will see the Flags that have shaped the past, present and future of our glorious nation. Each flag with a different meaning representing different periods in American History. What does each one mean you ask? Well that's a topic for a another article! 

That's all folks, I hope you enjoyed this patriotic journey around Walt Disney World as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. While you’re here, why not check out some of the amazing handcrafted wooden flags in the Flags Forever Online Store?  You may just find something you love. 

See you soon!! 

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