5 Fun Facts About The American Flag

Hello Flags Forever Customers, Friends and Shoppers! As always we like to bring you fun and interesting information about our Beloved American Flag! So in keeping with our mission here are 5 Facts About Old Glory that you may not have known. 

1. The Idea for the 50 Star Pattern Was Created By a High School Student. 

US Flag 50 Star Pattern

Robert Heft, a High School Student in Lancaster Ohio entered a contest, became a finalist and he and three others submitted their ideas to the United States Flag commission. Ultimately it was Robert's idea that won the day ,and his Fifty Star pattern is still the official union to this day. Congrats to Robert! 


2. Do You Know Who the First President Was To be Born Under the Stars and Stripes? 

If you guessed George Washington, you'd be........ Wrong! In fact it was Martin Van Buren who was our 8th President, born in 1782 in Kinderhook, New York. Andrew Jackson, who was his predecessor, was born in 1767, some ten years before Congress adopted the first Flag Resolution on June 14, 1777.



3. The First Official United States Flag was Purchased with "3 Strings of Wampum"

Wampum Strings

Thomas Green was an American Indian, he was looking for protection while traveling on dangerous journeys through the unsettled lands of the Colonial United States. So Thomas asked for help from Congress, paid the 3 Wampum and within 10 days had his new flag.  

4. The Flag That Inspired Francis Scott Key's Star Spangled Banner Lives On!

15 Star 15 Bar American Flag, Fort McHenry War of 1812

Yes, it's true. The Flag that hung at Ft. Mc Henry during the War of 1812 is the only know remaining "15 Star 15 Bar" Flag. You can go visit it at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History. 

5. Which is the Only State to Observe Flag Day as a Legal Holiday?

And the winner is.... Pennsylvania, where the flag was created by a local seamstress named Betsy Ross. 

Pennsylvania State Flag

Well, that's it for now, we hope you enjoyed these fun Flag fact, now how about stopping in to our online store  to pick up a flag of your own? 

Until Next Time, 

Cara Dale

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